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Artvigil is a generic brand of the drug Armodafinil (Nuvigil, Waklert) manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd. In India.

Armodafinil is also able to enhance cognitive skills and memory and is known as a "smart drug". It provides a stimulating effect by affecting certain chemicals in the brain responsible for the control of sleep/wake cycle.

Each tablet of Artvigil contains 150mg of Armodafinil, which is composed of the (?)-(R)-enantiomer of the popular smart drug Modafinil (Provigil, Modvigil, Modalert).

Generic drugs are identical replications of brand-name drugs with the same pharmaceutical dosage, intended use, and potency. Generics tend to be significantly cheaper than brand-name drugs.

Armodafinil is an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness linked to narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder. It is prescribed as an adjuvant therapy for obstructive sleep apnea.

Artivigil is also used off-label in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


Active substance: Armodafinil 150mg

For oral administration. The pill should be swallowed with water. The recommended dose of Waklert is 150 mg once a day in the morning or early afternoon. In the case of shift work, sleep disorder the pills should be taken one hour prior to work.

Those who are using this medicine to treat narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea should take one pill in the morning and the effects will last all day long due to the long half-life.

Those who are using it to combat with shift work disorder should take it one hour before the shift. (If your work shifts do not begin the same time each day, you should talk to your doctor about next steps.)

Modvigil may be habit-forming; it is recommended to not exceed the recommended dosage and to not take it more often than advised by your doctor.

Artvigil is typically taken at a dosage of 150 mg or 250 mg in the morning. It is sometimes split into two dosages, with the second dose being given early in the afternoon. Using this smart drug late in the evening can disrupt sleep schedules and cause insomnia.

The drug is contraindicated in patients with liver and kidney disorders and also if you buy Artvigil 150mg, read the composition to determine the safety of its intake. You may be allergic to any of the components. Always consult your physician prior to taking Artvigil.

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What is Artvigil?

Nowadays, lots of people sacrifice their sleep for doing more productive matters! As a result, excessive sleepiness arises. Similarly, lack of good night sleep can also be due to behavioral or psychiatric conditions, sleep-wake disorders, and medical problems like narcolepsy.

If you suffer from excessive sleepiness, pharmacotherapy is an excellent option to take. To regain wakefulness and ensure productivity when needed, we have lots of medicines to help us!

Artvigil is a nootropic drug that improves our ability to concentrate, think, and stay awake. This medicine is manufactured by HAB Pharma in India, and it can be sold with or without a prescription.

Among the brands of Armodafinil, Artvigil is one of the most preferred due to its low cost and similar benefits with its higher-priced competitors. The main advantage of Artvigil is its ability to treat medical issues like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Because of the ability of Artvigil to give you a wakefulness boost of up to 12 hours, it is considered a potent smart drug that will help you be productive for an extended period. Even healthy individuals consider taking Artvigil!

The History of Artvigil

Artvigil is among the recently developed smart drugs. To be precise, this is a nootropic drug under Armodafinil, and they were developed during the early 2000s. The primary rationale for developing a novel smart drug is to create an improved version of its predecessor, Modafinil.

When Artvigil was developed, its chemical structure is an enantiomer of the predecessor drug. Basically, it is composed of the same compound. The difference is that it is a mirror image of the other. This mirrored compound, or an enantiomer, is the component responsible for the benefits of Artvigil.

We can say that Artvigil is a “purer form” of the Modafinil smart drug. Now, we can purchase Artvigil online in 150-milligram tablets for oral use.

Benefits and Uses of Artvigil

Artvigil is a smart drug that doctors and its users accept well. It is used chiefly by students or workers who need to extend their time at night to be more productive. Moreover, it can be prescribed to people diagnosed with excessive sleepiness.

The correct intake of Artvigil can give you a more alert feeling with more capacity to be productive. Your ability to understand and memorize will also improve as you take it.

Moreover, a benefit of Artvigil is its potent nootropic high. This pertains to its ability to safely induce such effects to your body quickly and for a long time!

As previously noted, Artvigil is a pure form of Modafinil. Hence, you need to take less dosage to get the same effect as a higher dose from another smart drug. To illustrate, a 150-milligram tablet of Artvigil can give you the same effect as that of a 200-milligram pill of Modafinil!

The Mechanics: How Does it Work?

Smart drugs, such as Artvigil, are composed of compounds that induce our body to produce beneficial effects.

Currently, experts are not able to pinpoint the mechanism of how Artvigil works. However, we have some information on the modes of action of Artvigil.

The sleep-wake cycle of the body is mainly dictated by the hormones produced in our brain. Artvigil can activate the release of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. To give you an idea, the body’s norepinephrine and dopamine are responsible for keeping you awake and alert. Your state of wakefulness will be more fired up with the presence of these two hormones!

Now, how about Artvigil’s memory-enhancing effect? The compounds on Artvigil can also enhance mental performance! Nootropics can increase blood circulation to the brain. With better circulation and oxygen flow, they will help your brain function more efficiently.

Taking Artvigil

Ready to eat | Modafinil and armodafinil pills on the table

The Perfect Dosage

When you purchase Artvigil, you will be given tablets of 150 milligrams. They are sold like this because this is the most recommended dose to utilize the alertness and memory-enhancing effect!

Taking 150 milligrams of Artvigil per scheduled intake can give you up to 12 hours of effect. So, preparing for deadlines or working on that night shift can be easily achieved. Moreover, this dose is recommended since side effects are minor, if not nonexistent!

Some individuals take a half dose or 75 milligrams. Mental enhancement can still be achieved for six to nine hours with this dose. As you cut down the amount, it is easier to sleep afterward! To take 75 milligrams, all you need to do is use a pill cutter on a 150-milligram tablet.

For a really long effect of more than 20 hours, 300 milligrams are taken. But take caution on this does as it is not best for beginners. Side effects might also be more common at this point.

Can You Overdose on Artvigil?

Taking Artivigil every day is not recommended. Taking it one to three times a week, in the morning, is the best regimen to benefit from its effects.

Similarly, taking Artvigil for a very long time will diminish its effect on you. You may develop tolerance or even addiction. To decrease the risk of overdose, tolerance, or addiction, set a consultation with your doctor.

How to Start Taking Artvigil?

If it is your first time getting your hands on Artvigil, it would be prudent to read the medication guide from your pharmacist. This will help you uncover any questions that you might have.

Artvigil is a medication taken orally. It is best to take one tablet in the morning so that you can still get a good night’s sleep, as the effects would have faded by that time.

But if you plan to use this to boost your productivity at night shift, take it once daily, about an hour before you begin the shift.

What is the Half-Life of Artvigil?

The half-life of Artvigil is around 15 hours. This means that after 15 hours, half of the active components that induce the wakefulness and memory-enhancing effect will be removed by your body already.

Hence, after the half-life of any drug, it is expected that its temporary effects will fade away.

Taking Artvigil with Coffee

Do you feel like you cannot start a day without drinking coffee? Since coffee contains caffeine, it stimulates you to be awake. But since Artvigil also does the same effect, will it be harmful if you take both to start your day?

Generally, you can drink both coffee and Artvigil without overstimulating yourself. This is possible since the mechanism of action of the two works differently. The caffeine from coffee blocks receptors that make you feel sleepy; hence you feel awake!

In contrast, Artvigil, as we noted earlier, is more concerned with the stimulation of alerting hormones in the brain.

Still, it would be best to drink coffee slowly and limit your cups to avoid palpitations or shaking.

Should you Eat Before Taking Artvigil?

Eating is not required before taking this smart drug. Also, note that it may take more time to start feeling its effects if you took it after a filling meal.

Can Artvigil Cause Weight Loss?

One of the effects of Artivigl and any smart drug is the suppression of appetite. For some people, this is a benefit, while for some, it is an adverse effect. As Artvigil works around releasing hormones, the hormone histamine is also affected. With histamine, you get to feel more alert, but similarly, it can lessen your desire to eat.

Artvigil Side Effects

Girl leaned over in bed holding abdomen | Artvigil side effects explained on BuyModa

Common Side Effects

Individuals react differently to certain drugs because our bodies are not built the same way. Artvigil is a safe drug, and the adverse effects recorded on its users are very few. If side effects are present, it is limited to headaches, anxiety, high blood pressure, nasopharyngitis, and other minor symptoms.

Rare Side Effects

In very rare cases, Artvigil, and smart drugs in general, can lead to severe addiction and withdrawal symptoms that can be debilitating. Also, since nootropic medicines increase blood pressure, they can result in death if overdosed or used by unhealthy individuals.

How to Spot Fake Artvigil Pills

Fake pills are circulating in the market nowadays, and if you are not keen on them, you might fall into it! This is very dangerous because its contents are not standardized and can be harmful to your health.

Artvigil is commonly sold in packaging strips (blister packs). Hence, if you see one being sold in a sandwich-like packaging, suspect it is a fake.

Also, a fake pill will give you fewer alerting benefits at the correct dose. But this parameter is difficult to assess because it assumes that you have taken in an Artvigil pill before.

Comparing Other Smart Drugs and Wakefulness Enhancers

There are other smart drugs available in the market nowadays. Take note that smart drugs works and your choice of them will boil down to your personal preference, body response, and budget.

If you are curious, here are some comparisons:

Artvigil vs Waklert

These two are both Armodafinil brand and is composed of the same active components. But, Artvigil has an edge because it is cheaper, hence, more economical to use. In contrast, Waklert is claimed to give a more vigorous wakefulness effect.

Artvigil vs Modvigil

Modvigil can take longer before you feel its effects. To illustrate, Artvigil will give the desired effect within 60 to 90 minutes. In contrast, Modvigil will take up to 120 minutes before it kicks in. Modvigil is preferred by those who want less potent effects.

Artvigil vs Modalert

Between Artvigil and Modalert, Modalert is beneficial if your concern is getting a good night’s sleep afterward. Modalert has a shorter half-life, so it is easier to sleep once its effects fade off.

Artvigil vs Nuvigil

Artvigil and Nuvigil have the same dosage, effects, and applications. The main selling point of Artvigil over Nuvigil is its lower price.

Artvigil vs Vilafinil

Since both Artvigil and Vilafinil are manufactured in India, both have inexpensive prices. However, Vilafinil is noted to have lesser strength and effectiveness. Some individuals also claim that it can cause them severe headaches.

Artvigil Review

Now that you have read about the essential details of Artvigil, we can say that it is an impressive smart drug! With its very minimal side effects, cheap price, superior effectiveness, and enough medical evidence, we can say that it can really get the job done.

So if you are looking for a smart drug for boosting your school or work performance, Artvigil can be the one you are looking for!

Buy Artvigil Online

Globe painted onto palm of hands with text layer | Buy Moda Artvigil
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You can purchase high-quality and authentic Artvigil at a low cost. Check out Artvigil on Buy Moda! We are the number one legitimate online vendor of Artvigil. And we continually offer great deals and discounts. Moreover, shipping is fast and guaranteed. You do not need to worry about getting your hands on this smart drug!